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sinning was the devil's metronome
sound some sort of siren
sound some sort of bell
because i swear that when we wake up
we’ll all be trapped in hell and
i can tell
there wont be any screaming or yelling
just admission to the fact that yes.
you deserved to be there one hundred and
fifty percent and yes,
you did sin hard and sin fast,
sin bigger and badder than the best of us
with the rest of us.
sinning was the devils song
a music note he dragged along with
every word he wrote
his crafted pen of fabled hope
that he threw down wells like rope
and watched bodies swing instead of cling
from crags and cliff walls
:iconthepoetboy:thepoetboy 5 8
i always tried to draw the dark.
to sketch the shadows that lingered too long in
the corners of my room like
the corners of my mind.
but then again,
i never did like self-portraits
:iconthepoetboy:thepoetboy 26 22
roman 0
crashed my car driving drunk for the iiird time this week
held your faded photograph in one hand and fell asleep at the wheel
pretended It was vintage, that the warm sepia
coating your smile and the frame wasn’t
spilled coffee and cigarette ash.
reality isn’t always as bright
as my camera flash on your face.
put the high in highway at ii hundred miles per millisecond
eyes wide and red and hollow and hopeful
that a cop would come running after me.
ive been needing someone
to hold me down and tell me
“you’ve been a very bad boy”
like you used to.
Swallowed i too many pills this time
(i didn’t lie when i said i’d only take
as many as i needed to feel better).
you made me see stars
or maybe that was just the medicine?
how strange i think who could ever like someone
so discernibly sour?
:iconthepoetboy:thepoetboy 152 90
i fell in love with judas
there was a time, once.
you were the fucking seas, boy,
i was one step above,
i, the roaring ocean that all the rivers
delegated you to, and god,
you flowed into me.
a wise man once prophesised
All Roads Lead to Munich
and what the fuck did that ever mean?
you said yes sir in time to the drums i beat
and you said yes sir to the opposition
when our front lines had retreated.
we were fucking wolves
with devil grins that crucified
Innocents and Evils
and then stopped for tea
with no heavy hearts.
you'd had bruised knuckles.
and so i thought for one
brief milliminute,
that if i let you
peel back my skin like
a satsuma,  
you’d find everything you needed.
but the seas en masse were always
spoiled rotten fucks,
that smoked like chimneys and
swayed with the wind, unlike
the omnipresence of the ocean.  
is there a strong enough word for betrayal
that means "i wont forgive you
in any incarnation" ?
funny, your eyes were my colour,
ocean blue, skeletally so,
and by
:iconthepoetboy:thepoetboy 17 23
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you're gone and i miss you and your lovely well thought comments ♥
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Nice wigiina!

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Hey dere Meggers!! It's da bomb Shay Shay. Alexis is standing over me, judging me as I type. No bueno!!! LOL
Hope you can come to Alexis's b-day bash. If not, maybe we can pick you up and go eat in Okc sometime. Have your madre call me and we'll set something up. Me phone # is still the same. Love and miss you like crazy!!!
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